Skills We Teach

Driving Test Preparation

We will teach you everything you need to know to drive safely and to successfully pass the Missouri drivers test.

Vehicle Controls

• finding the control without searching.

• using the control correctly.

 Basic Vehicle Operation

• starting the vehicle.

• releasing the parking brake.

• looking to see if the way is clear.

• giving the proper signal.

• driving smoothly and at the correct speed.

1. Start and stop the vehicle.

• the smoothness and safety of your starts and stops.

• your reaction time.

• your control of the vehicle when stopping.

2. Park parallel to the curb in a space 25 
  feet  long and 7 feet wide.

• the position of your vehicle before backing.

• moving into the space smoothly and at the right speed.

• parking no more than 18" from the curb.

• parking near the center of the space.

• turning the wheels in the correct direction for parking.

• checking traffic and signaling before you leave the parking space.

3. Backing.

• looking over your right shoulder to see through the rear glass.

• back your vehicle in a straight line without weaving.

• staying in the proper lane of traffic.

• backing at the right speed.

4. Right and left turns.

• driving in the correct lane for turning.

• giving the proper turn signal at the proper time.

• turning into the proper lane.

• making proper traffic checks.

• turning at the right speed.

• your control of the vehicle.

5. Park on a hill.

• your control of the vehicle.

• parking no more than 18" from the curb.

• leaving your vehicle in park or the correct gear.

• turning the front wheels in the correct direction for parking.

• setting the parking brake.

• checking traffic and signaling.

6. Enter and leave intersections.

• understanding and obeying the traffic signs and lights.

• your speed when approaching an intersection.

• your awareness of the traffic around you.

• driving in the correct lane.

• yielding the right-of-way without blocking traffic.

• making a full stop at the proper place at stop signs.

7. Understand and obey traffic signs and signals.

• noticing and obeying traffic signs and signals.

• the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

• your speed while driving.

• driving in the proper lane and obeying lane markings.

• your awareness of the traffic around you.

• yielding the right-of-way when necessary.